Hoagies and Bratts Specialties

Cold Cuts

Hammie My Hoagie $7
-a pile of slow smoked sliced ham smoked cheddar & Swiss cheese
house dijonnaise, lettuce, tomato

The Sold Out $8
Our signature slow roasted turkey sliced thin & puled high smoked cheddar cheese
Dijionnaise, lettuce, tomato

That’s- A-Hoagie $10
!Warning- not for faint of hunger!!
All 3 meats mounded up, Cheese smear smoked cheddar & swiss cheese drizzled with our spicy sauce, lettuce , tomato

The BLT $6
-Think sliced crispy bacon house mayo, lettuce, tomato

The Hoagie Cow $9
-A mass of choice angus sirloin steak house sweet & spicy sauce muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato

The Club $9
Signature slow roasted turkey slow smoked sliced ham, bacon weave, smoked cheddar & swiss, dijionnaise, lettuce. Tomato


The LBK $10
A hoagie a city can take pride in eating! Thin sliced choice angus sirloin steak sautéed sweet dell peppers, sweet onions, pico de gallo, green chili slaw chessy smear smothered in house queso

The Yankee $10
Think sliced choice angus sirloin steak cooked with wine infused sweet bell peppers melted swiss cheese, cheese smear, sweet onions

Crispy Critter $4
Gooey Smoked cheddar on a buttered gourmet bun grilled to a crisp

Sizzlin Oinker $8
Sliced ham packed with sautéed sweet onions & green chilies smoked cheddar & swiss cheese house dijionnaise drizzle, over easy egg

Plucker & Brunt $9
Sliced turkey tossed with bacon sautéed bell peppers, chessy smear, smoked cheddar cheese, house mayo drizzle

Deconstructed Bratt Specialties

The Bratt Father $8
House stuffed Italian brat garlic parmesan aoli, marinara sweet bell peppers, sweet onions shaved parmesan & chopped parsley.

El Brattcho Villa $9
A house stuffed beer brat on gauc smear pico de gallo, sautéed green chilies topped with house queso

The Shinner Bratt $5
House ground brat sausage infused with shiner bock beer gourmet smoked swiss cheddar cheese dijionnaise

The Under Bratt $7
House stuffed Italian brat sautéed green chilies, sweet onions, sweet bell peppers, cheesy smear, pepper jack cheese

The Bra Bra Fett
House stuffed beer brat, house dijionnaise, green bell peppers, sweet onions, smoked cheddar cheese

I Got $5 and below

Street Tacos x3 $5
House taco meat on corn tortillas with pico de gallo

Bratts sliders x3 $5
Hawaiian Sweet roll, brat patty choice of cheese, pickle

The Shiner Bratt $5
House Shinner Bock Beer brat, smoked cheddar, dijionnaise

Crisy criters $4
Gooey smoked cheddar on a crispy buttered gourmet bun

Queso and points $3
Crispy points with house queso


Queso & Points $3
Crispy points with house queso
Soda pop $1.30
Chips $1.50